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Monday, April 18, 2005

What is the Bridgewater Triangle?

200 square miles of high strangeness jampacked with enough phantom lights, bizarre creatures, and ghastly apparitions to make Charles Fort cry.

If you live in southeast Massachusetts and you consider yourself an amateur Egon Spengler, you're in for a treat. Originally defined by Fortean investigator Loren Coleman in his 1983 classic Mysterious America, the Bridgewater Triangle is probably the most concentrated area of paranormal activity in all of New England.

Do you live in either Abington, Rehoboth, or Freetown? Then it's your stroke of good fortune to live at one of the Triangle's three angles.

Or do you call Brockton, the Bridgewaters, Taunton, Raynham, Norton, Mansfield or Easton home? If you do you're lucky enough to actually live inside Massachusetts' premier supernatural hotspot.

The source of all this bad craziness is widely believed to be the Hockomock Swamp, which is located smack in the Triangle's center. The Native Americans were well aware of all this bad juju long before we figured it out for ourselves - "Hockomock" is derived from an Algonquian word that means "devil" or "evil spirit." Currently the swamp is designated as a chief area of environmental concern and is home to a dozen rare and endangered species, including the blue spotted salamander. It also seems to be the favored vacation spot for flying saucers, spooks, spectres, and even Bigfoot.

Just check out this small sampling of unexplainable encounters:

Got UFOs?

  • October 31st, 1908 - Two undertakers, John E. Flynn and Phillp S. Prophett, spotted a strange light in the sky while driving their carriage into Bridgewater proper around 4am. Flynn described it as "not exactly a searchlight but an unusually strong lantern of some sort," that hung below a balloon shaped object. The light reportedly descended towards the ground rapidly, and then ascended just as quickly. Both undertakers watched the light for forty minutes as it traveled perpendicular to the ground, steadily and silently, until it finally disappeared over the skies of Plymouth. The Manchester New Hampshire Union newspaper reported that on October 31st "all of the balloons in which ascensions are made in this [Massachusetts] state, were accounted for." Flynn himself asserted "that a hot-air balloon could not move in a circle or perpendicular, as this one did."

  • March 23rd, 1979 - WHDH radio news reporter Jerry Lopes encountered a strange craft hovering over the junctions of Routes 24 and 106. Lopes described it as being "shaped like home plate on a baseball diamond, with a bright red light on its top, a powerful white 'headlight' at the point on the bottom, and rows of white and red lights around the edges" (Coleman,36).

  • 1973 - Folks dining at Joseph's Restaurant on Park Street in Rehoboth experienced a Close Encounter of the Second Kind. After suffering a brief power failure the owners were surprised to find two perfectly formed circles in the dirt behind the establishment. Is this the first case of a flying saucer stopping to pick up some take out?

    Ain't Afraid of No Ghost?

  • The Phantom Hitchhiker of Route 44 - Many people have encountered the spectre of a long dead hitchhiker along the wooded area of Route 44 while driving from Seekonk to Rehoboth. The man is sometimes well kept, other times he is dirty with his clothes in disarray. A few details that remain constant in every encounter: his hair is always red, and he's always dressed in a plaid shirt. One woman reported running over a man fitting that description late one night. The man seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and the woman, taken by surprise, had no time to prevent a collision. When she jammed on her brakes, and leapt out to investigate, she found no evidence of anyone being in the road at all. She did hear, however, a cackling laugh emanating from the woods alongside her. Frightened, the woman returned to her car and continued on. A few minutes later, the same thing happened again. The man appeared, and once more she hit him. Too frightened to leave her car, the woman rolled down her windows to inspect the road. As before, there was nothing or no one to be seen. The disturbing laugh returned, this time much closer, as if a few feet from the car. Sufficiently terrorized, the woman peeled out at full speed.

  • Rehoboth Village Cemetery - Many Rehoboth residents have reported seeing a strange and disturbing apparition in this graveyard's southwest quadrant. The manifestation has been repeatedly described as an elderly man, with a large hooked nose and a strange grin dressed in period clothing. He has been spotted both praying and alternately crying and laughing near one grave. He's also been known to make suggestive gestures with his hands towards female witnesses, and in one case even chased a woman out of the cemetery while yelling, "Catherine, Catherine, you bitch!" The woman, whose name is not Catherine, retreated to her car and quickly exited the cemetery. As she made her way out she witnessed the entity beating a ghostly young woman who was kneeling at his feet. Seconds later, both apparitions vanished completely.

    Monsters in your Backyard?

  • April 1970 - Cryptozoology's favorite son, Bigfoot, has also been seen skulking around the Bridgewater Triangle. In April of 1970 Bridgewater area residents complained of a huge "bear" walking upright around their houses and in their backyards. Local farmers even reported cases of shredded livestock. Tracks were also found on April 8th after a sighting of a seven foot tall creature. The police investigated these accounts time and time again to no avail. One officer, while on a stakeout for the monster, was taken by surprise when something picked up and then violently dropped the rear of his patrol car. The policeman turned the car around to investigate and witnessed a huge bipedal "bear" running off between houses.

  • 1976 - For several weeks the town of Abington was terrorized by a real life hellhound. Reportedly a huge black dog was spotted mauling two ponies on a local farm. When firefighter Phillip Kane arrived on the scene he witnessed the dog standing over the animal carcasses, chewing on their throats. The hound eventually bounded off into the night, and eluded an exhaustive police search for many weeks. Following the sighting Abington Police were flooded with calls from people claiming to catch a glimpse of the beast. The last known sighting of the phantom pooch was by Police Officer Frank Curran, who spotted it along some railroad tracks. Curran fired at the dog, but missed. Unconcerned, the hound turned away from the officer and slowly walked into the nearby woods. It was never seen again.

  • Summer 1971 - While driving home late one summer's night, Norton Police Sergeant Thomas Downy was confronted by a prehistoric creature on a stretch of road near "Bird's Hill" in Easton. The Sergeant reported seeing a six foot tall bird with a wingspan of at least eight to twelve feet standing in the middle of the street. Downy brought his car to a stop, and watched amazed as the bird flew straight up (like a helicopter, and similar to the sightings of the Mothman in Point Pleasant), and disappeared over a nearby wooded area. The woods were searched by Easton police, but no large birds were to be found.

    My aim for this site is to provide a forum where local people can share their encounters with the paranormal and learn more about their haunted homeland. Here you will also read about my experiences in haunted New England, focusing mainly on the Bridgewater Triangle. Do you live in New England and have a strange and unexplainable story to tell? Share your experience! Don't waste another minute, I'm dying to hear from you (pun intended).

    Sources: Myserious America by Loren Coleman, What is the Bridgewater Triangle by Christopher Pittman, UFO Roundup Volume 2 Number 41 edited by Joseph Trainor, UFO Historical Review Issue #4 by Barry Greenwood, and The New England Ghost Files by Charles Turek Robinson.

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    At 7:52 AM, Anonymous said...

    Great blog very interesting and thought provoking, I was acyually looking for stuff like this redirected from the Fortean Times Website. LOve the place names

    At 12:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow! Interesting stuff!! Please come visit one of my sites! I'd love to hear more about this and am about to start research on a house in Bridgewater for a haunting!! I was very excited to find this site!! Anyone interested in the paranormal may visit me at or
    I look forward to seeing you there!!

    At 4:24 PM, Anonymous Fortean said...

    A few years ago while I was still living in Southern Connecticut I attended a company luncheon where the people at my table had little to say of much intrest. To perk up the conversation I asked them to share any odd experience they'd ever had, such as sightings of UFOs or other strange phenomena.

    Of the five others at the table, 3 responded. Two who were sisters told of a UFO sighting where the craft had approached them at a low level.

    The third, at first reluctant to speak, told of a road trip she and a friend had taken a few years back to Cape Cod. While driving through a rural area she suddenly saw what she described as Bigfoot leaning against a fence by the side of the road.

    Afraid of being teased unmercifully, she resisted mentioning the sighting. They rode on in silence. A couple of miles further on the friend who was driving, said, I didn't want to mention it at first, but did you see anything strange back there that looked like Bigfoot?

    I later told an enormously well-informed friend about this and asked if he could explain it. He said that they were definitely driving through the Bridgewater Triangle.

    At 6:37 PM, Blogger unwillinglychosen said...


    At 6:56 PM, Blogger unwillinglychosen said...

    I've tried to find the hitchhiker on 44, and also the camp kiwanee haunting in hanson. I have yet to find anything, partly because they don't necessarly come out when you ask them to. Ever since I can remember ghosts have felt the need to show themselves to me. And I'll tell you, it never gets any less frightening. My first experience I was 4 and my latest was in 2005. With a few in between. I also have what I believe to be a "ghost cat" walking around my apartment. Like many hauntings the cat goes about it's normal routine probably not even realizing it's dead. I would say that i'm crazy, except my roommate and girlfriend have all seen this cat. Also after my experiences with ghosts I can't discourage any claim. I am planning to check out the Hockomock Swamp, because of all the stories I've heard over the years. Besids if one person tells you bigfoot is in bridgewater you'll tell them to lay off the pipe. If 10 people tell you the same story you start to listen.

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    I was actually just trying to e-mail but their is no e-mail address to send to. So here is the question. I am trying to find some information about an abandoned building in Rehoboth where it is claimed a spirit of an old man is said to wander through the building and the surrounding grounds. Any info would be greatly appreciated

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    Hey i live in the hockomock triangle, actually east bridgewater and there is really scary and freaky stuff that happens here. I remember one time i was driving down washington street in E.B and right at the power lines i looked down them, and could of sworn i saw something that looked like a bear, yet there are no bears around here, but anyway it must have been about 150 yards away and it was huge. Another awkward sighting is right in an open field near my house, i sometimes see lights floating in the field, and during summer nights, i use to hear what sounds to be a little girls voice saying, "help me" and iv asked my nieghbors, and they've heard it to.

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    I have lived within the triangle for the past 11 years.Our first house we rented in 1996 was in East Freetown right on Long Pond it had a spirit in it, I belive it was that of a young girl say 6 or 7. SAt the time my daughter was the same age. My husband and I both saw the apperision and thought it was our daughter using the small bathroom off the laundry room down stairs which would not make sense since her bedroom upstairs was on the side of the bathroom. It was late at night we had a fire in the fireplace going and we saw a small figure cleearly 6 or 7 long hair in a long night gown walk into the bathroom shut the door, we waited aand afetr 20 mins I asked if everything was OK we began to think our daughter was either sick or sleep walking..I got no reply opened he door and there was no one in there. There was not another way out for my daughter and the small ligh was on in the bathroom but no child. So do I believe in the Bridgewater triangle myths ...yeah maybe not all of them can be proven but I think ther are some stories which are based on true events. After moving out of that house in later 1997 we moved to assonet once again not but three miles from the freetown state forest, another hot spot and odd things occured in that house too. We now live in lakeville since 2003,with 3+ acres of woods and I'll tell you I have seen Hawks or Eagles large enough to carry off small animals like fox or racoon. I have also heard many strange noises coming out of the woods which are rather swampy in this area of rte 18 so believe what you bwill but one thing is for sure I never heard saw or expierenced so much weirdness when I lived in R.I.

    At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I work for Wal-mart we do remold of diffent store and have work in or four store in triangle and many times i belivie the store was spooked the way it was ran know i know it just part triangle this explain our miss fixture or our trucks getting delay and other freakie thing that has happen. to us example in Brookton store the group there three of ten car have have major work on motor. aleast 4 people was sick most of time. in hotel at two in morning the fire alarm would go off. or we work in store it would go off there, know i see it was just sprits in area have fun with outsider because none of us was from ma.

    At 9:19 AM, Anonymous Taylor F said...

    Thanks for the good info!! Actually well me , my dad, and a few of my neighbors were hunting out there once and we heard breaking of sticks so me and my friend went where it was and we saw this huge black thing. And everyone heard this really loud bird noise so possibly we either saw A black panther and heard a thunder bird!! One of the scariest thing ever happend to me

    At 9:23 PM, Anonymous Neil said...

    I live on the Town River in W. Bridgewater,MA. Part of the Bridgewater Triangle. I grew up here. My parents told me on diff. occasions about a canoe trip they took in the 80's. My father grew up on this river and new it from front to back. They left early in the morning w/ lunch on the river as a plan. Well after lunch they headed back. They were out now for 8 hrs. and no way would it take that long. It started getting dark and they both were getting nervous. My dad said she was yelling at him. That's a shocker! When up ahead came two guys in a canoe. Pops asked "were did ya put in from" and the two men said "next bend in the river, follow us". Mom and dad were creeped out because the guys were dressed in dress clothes w/ no tackle,poles or even a cooler. And the way they turned the canoe around was weird too, no wake at all. The men were pro's. They kept pulling ahead of my parents who were trying to keep up. When the men turned the bend they vanished with about a 100 yrd straight away of river in front of them. There was no way they could have pulled their boat out of the water that fast and now way to get to the shore, the river was high and the sides were covered with thorns and brush. My parents were freakin out now and my dad cocked his pistol just in case. They kept paddling and when they turned the next bend the bridge on Forest st.,no truck or any sign of a canoe being pulled up the embankment. They were no than a mile from were they started their trip 9 hrs. before. This is just one story I've heard about the Bridgewater Triangle.

    At 1:41 PM, Blogger Jennifer said...

    Hey, I grew up in the Bridgewater Triangle and most of my family still lives within it. I never had any experiences but I remember my mom telling me stories of things that have happened to her. Forgive me because it has been years since I have heard them so I don't remember all the details. I remember her saying something about a boulder or very large rock being thrown across a lake or body of water and landing near my mom and dad. When they looked to see where it came from they saw the bigfoot type animal or whatever you want to call it. And she says she saw the Pterodactyl bird thing too. For the longest time I thought the Bridgewater Triangle was something they made up. But apparently it is not.

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